Prudent Management Advisory Services (PMAS)

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1. Planning and Administrative Area

· Definition of Competency Models

· Performance Evaluation

2. Organizational Transformation

· Change Management

· Outplacement

· Position Manuals

· Organizational Climate Setting

· Organizational Design and advisory

3. Transformation of Human Resources

· Strategic Planning and HR Alignment

· Shared Services

· Adoption of Technology

4. Compensation & Benefits

· Specialized Salary Surveys

· Job Pricing

· Design of Wage Scales and Compensation

· Design of Strategy and Compensation Systems.

5. Operational Area

· Recruitment and Selection (full process)

· Headhunting

· Behavioral Tests and Techniques

· Verification of Work and Personal References

· Competency-based interviews

6. Management Advisory Services

· Prepares Business Improvement Plan.

· Establishes Accounting Systems

· Assists in evaluation improvement  of Internal Controls

· Corporate Merger and Consolidation – From application to government agencies up to accounting and operating aspects.

· Fraud Audits and other assurance and non- assurance engagements.

· Engages in Compilations and reviews.

· Assist bank during PCA or Prompt Corrective Actions.

· Prepares Accounting Manuals and documentations.

· Handles budgeting and profit planning.

7. Conducting Corporate Seminars

· Adoption of International Accounting Standards

· FRP Financial Reporting Package for Banks from theory to actual conversion of books including the necessary journal entries.

· Taxation Updates Actual Approach.

· Internal Control Seminars and Risk Management Seminars


· Other Seminars based on clients’ needs – should be arranged one month before seminars.

8. Internal Auditing Services

  The firm also handles corporate internal auditing services.

9. PCA Advisory Services

This includes advisory on preparation of Prompt Corrective Action Plan and required documents needed in the current PCA plan (if already approved before consultancy contract), assisting and helping the compliance officer in preparations of progress reports that the BSP may need from time to time. Assistance will also be extended in proper determination of documentary evidence to prove compliance, in cases BSP so requires.

10. Compliance  Risk Assessment

The Firm assesses the level of bank's compliance with all BSP regulations and other governing bodies. Since requirements constantly change as new circulars are issued and manual of regulation for bank undergoes constant revision, performance of self-testing is a continuing requirement.